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Move In Procedures

Pickup move in packet & keys from our office (387 College Ave). Please be aware that it will be very busy when we open at 9:00AM

Pay the entire first month’s rent and/or any security deposits or pet fees owed. This is required to be paid in full for us to release ANY keys to ANY tenants.

Take move in condition form (inside move-in packet) and note any problems with unit. Please note that the move-in condition form is not a maintenance request. Bring back the move in condition form as soon as possible.

If there are any problems with the unit, please enter a maintenance request here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When can I move in?

You can move in on the lease start date listed on your lease.

What time can I pick up my keys?

Any time during normal office hours. We recommend calling ahead.

Can I move in early?

Unless our office contacts your saying otherwise, the earliest you will be able to move in is your lease start date.

Do I have to pay rent to pickup my keys?

Yes, the entire first month’s rent for the entire unit is due for any keys to be picked up.

What do I do if there is something wrong with my unit when I move in?

We apologize if anything has been overlooked. Login to your tenant portal here to submit a maintenance request. Also, please note the problem on your move in condition form.

When will the items on my move in condition form be addressed?

The move in condition form is used during your move out to determine if any damage was done to the unit. Therefore, this form will be filed immediately. We will not see the form until you move out. If you need is to address a maintenance issue, please submit a maintenance request here.

How do I get utilities turned on?

You are responsible for utilities. If you haven’t already contacted the utility companies, (ex. Duke Energy, Clemson Water, AT&T, Northland Cable) you should contact them immediately.